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Albion News 24 Goes Live!

POSTED BY Scrub Lord November 19, 2018

Although official game forums and community sites, such as Reddit, cover Albion Online they do so in a way that can make keeping up with the important news and stories difficult. There is also the risk that topics that are important to the Albion Online community as a whole, may not get the attention they deserve.

We at Albion News 24 are here to save the day.

Gaming is our passion and if we are not playing the games we love, we can often be found talking about them in one form or another.

We intend to cover as many interesting stories as we can. Whether it be written, art, pictures or video. All is welcome as long as it relates to Albion Online and meets the basic standards of being a half decent human being. So if you want to get involved then please join us on our Discord channel. Even the smallest of contributions helps greatly and we are more than willing to help get you started in gaming journalism.

Keeping out biases that inevitably will exist is simply not possible. As such we intend to cover stories from all sides, but to clearly state where there is the potential for bias. This will mean that we are as neutral as we can be, although if only one group pushes stories then their version of reality will be dis-proportionally represented. So if your team is not being represented then all you need to do to fix it is to write something and submit it to us here at Albion News 24.

Running a site such as this does require a fair amount of work. So if there is anything that you can do to help then please join us on our Discord . Even if you just want to hang out and chat then come join us. If Discord is not your thing then we also have Twitter, Facebook and Twitch channels. So there is something for everyone. Remember, the more the merrier!

Finally, a really big thank you to the people who have already contributed in bringing this site to life. It really would not have happened without you.