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Meta Spotlight – Interview with MacTepOk on the Russian Community

POSTED BY Voltel December 7, 2018

Leadership in Albion Online is a world which is wide, wild,wily, and wise. Often the interactions and perspectives of leaders and diplomats happen outside of the view of the common line member and gatherer. This interview is an attempt to bring some of that hidden perspective to light.

As partof my interview process with the significant leadership, diplomats, and shot-callers of Albion online, I used a standard set of questions for each person that is being interviewed. These views and expressed opinions are their own and, except where the interviewee is the alliance leader, are not reflective of the views or official position of their organization at large.

The following interviewee is none other than MacTepOk.

VOLTEL: For those who are unfamiliar with you, who are you and what do you do?

MACTEPOK: I am the man on a mission, stay out of my way.

VOLTEL: What can you tell me about yourself and what you do; i.e. your role in your Alliance?

MACTEPOK: My Russian spirit cant tell you more that most of people already knows about, my role in alliance is doing “blyat” matters all around.

VOLTEL: How’d you get your start in Albion? Did you start with planning to help run an alliance?

MACTEPOK: I was attracted by my old guild members from 2005 year,I never play another MMORPG games, just that and this.  Of course when I start I have no plans what I am going to do or to run a alliance or guild, After 10 hours of playing some of the game features and mechanics definitely interested me with their potential which is a lot more than can be said of games I had tried previously that I quit very shortly after starting because they sucked.

VOLTEL: What, for you, was the hardest part of growing (into) your alliance? What do you struggle most with now?

MACTEPOK:  to make less fear to face the enemy, even you not get a prepared solution for it, because things may go wrong because you don’t tell about them clearly enough with your members, even with myself.

VOLTEL: How did you broach diplomacy when you were first growing your alliance; what were the early growing pains?

MACTEPOK:  Was hard to explain ordinary members why they need to go on important events, but I use “blyat” power or if it not works I use “pizdec blyat”, that make them feel more comfortable.

VOLTEL: How does diplo currently – or continue to – shape your day-to-day and the experience of your members?

MACTEPOK:  cant understand what are you going to hear, read my first answer, maybe I already say enough.

VOLTEL: From the high-level, what’s the unspoken or unsung role of diplos and leaders that most people don’t get to see?

MACTEPOK:  most people are consumers of content, most of leaders are content generators, simple, which one is more productive>>> his guild gets more live action in game = people want to come back in the game again and again.

VOLTEL: Do you ever feel leaders are sometimes in the position of creating more problems than they solve?

MACTEPOK: If you are dumbass, ofc you will creating more problems, even me, sometimes you have to rekt somebody and don’t know shall it make problem grow, but it’s only for people subjective opinion (which get rekted/dropped/etc)

VOLTEL: Let’s talk regional – A lot of recent attention has been paid to Mercia and their residents. What are your thoughts on the region and the diplomatic and political situation?

MACTEPOK:  we are fighting in our region every day, have not much enemy so I think soon developers start to decrease dungeons quantity or maybe even merge islands, that will be nice to see, I am tired spend hour to find 10 Randoms which are cannot fight but they want to dive dungeons or raid mages.

VOLTEL: Does the situation in Mercia differ greatly from Cumbria and Anglia?

MACTEPOK: we get less content, wish some of those guilds who want to contest dungeons or check their fighting power not just with feeding us with their gear as it was at Cumbria, I believe situation in anglia is worse because of that huge number of useless territories where 7 people can hide and famefarm all day long.

VOLTEL: By your assessment, are their problems that leaders and Diplomats are incapable of solving?

MACTEPOK: there is no problem that cant be solved – just uninstall the game if you cannot find solution, or wait until problem will solve by random retard moron move.

VOLTEL: Do you feel that building alliances and coalitions in Albion through diplomacy is largely misunderstood?

MACTEPOK: I believe that game is totally not prepared for big fights so alliances must be reworked, and there is no mistake of diplomacy to make alliances grow to that ridiculous numbers so they can cap terris and doing other shit, if SBI will make constant tax for example 5%(fame+silver+season)for every 100 people in alliance that will be good.

Editors Note: If you know anyone that you think that we should interview please join us in our discord and let us know!

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