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It’s the start of Season Five and it has been a very wild beginning of things. The convulsions of [SAVE] in its dying throes has sent guilds spinning out across Albion, finding homes in new and old alliances.

Scelti, the former leaders of the gargantuan [SAVE] alliance has now made their home in [SQUAD]. Bringing its experienced GvG teams to the already impressive arsenal that [SQUAD] could boast. Since their arrival it has become clear that [SQUAD] has definitively transformed itself from their roots in the forty strong BA zergs into the most dominant alliance in game, with both the most experienced zerg players en masse in its ranks and now top tier gvg players as well.

Meanwhile, [ARCH] is back and whisper it quietly but they’re currently the second best zerg alliance in the game. Awful Company has worked hard since the dissolution of the first [ARCH] to become even better, growing steadily up till the present where they can boast a solid core of experienced and high spec players for their fights.

It’s not all been sunshine and daisies however, FLEET is gone in the wake of the Christmas break. Its leadership officially quitting the game. It’s members that remained have now joined various guilds across the game, but it’s quite a loss. A former monolithic powerhouse that broke into the top three at its peak, it’s strange to see a map without FLEET on it.

In all this [POE] however has somehow weathered this latest assault. It hasn’t come out untouched of course. Infinite has now left [POE] taking Caerleon with it, and yet we can still say that [POE] isn’t too damaged by this split. It’s GvG team is still top tier, it still holds a vast swathe of Mercia and Cumbria and the signs are there of a recovery.

It’s been a great first month for Season Five, the black zone has seen a lot of new and old names show up, outposts have been pillaged for their mages and zergs have bled for it. It’s Albion Online at its finest, hopefully when we take another look next month it’ll be the same

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