Heretic Cape Changes The Book of Patches- User Submission

POSTED BY Overdose January 26, 2019

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A quick update of the game has seen a very interesting interaction between the Heretic Cape and Mount F-Slot skills removed. For some the change was needed, to others it was another case of “SBI ruining the game”  
The Devious Trap (Heretic Cape) is no longer activated by a mount‘s F-slot spells 
This warrants an explanation. The heretic cape is a cape with a triggered effect, like the city-faction capes, it occurs when you use your “boots” active spell and it will drop a trap that roots anyone that runs over it for a short to decent amount of time and deals some damage. This was mostly used by gatherers as a trade off for more security instead of a backpack that reduced the weight of a specific resource. This seems a fair tradeoff, especially for “hardcore solo gatherers” that didn’t want to risk losing their hardwork, the root gives you enough time to get off-screen and mount up or get atleast a few stacks of wanderlust, and with that a significant speed advantage. The issue was that mount movement spells were also on the “F-Slot” and as the description of the skill reads it was likely not an interaction that was intentional. While bad coding on SBI‘s part can be blamed inpart it was the ingenuity of the players that was made the issue. 
In the eyes of some in the community this made most mounts with movement spells especially OP, especially the comperably cheap Spectral bat. A mount as fast as a direwolf, with a blink-ability, only “balanced” by its limited availability. just imagine you try to gank a gatherer, he just gets on his bat, runs from you and while you are on his heels, about to catch up he just blinks away and roots you for several seconds. SBI decided to intervene, and they did so by making it impossible to activate the heretic cape with a mount skill, its now specified to be activated by “boot slot spells”, not only in the tooltip but also in the code. 
This is bad news for both market speculators and gatherers that relied on the spectral bat. The blink + Trap was a reliable combo to get away from people, even better than direwolf which was the go to choice for most gatherers that wanted something faster than an armored horse. The price of spectral bats has dropped significantly and surely a lot of people lost quite a bit of money when they bought them 1.3 mil at peak.  

We have to wonder, why remove this ability instead of embracing it? It was a fun interaction that brought interesting advantages and tradeoffs to various parties. Useful for both the gankers and the non-gankers, so why not embrace it instead of removing it? 

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