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*Breaking* Albion Offline is Sandbox Migrating over to AWS?

POSTED BY Voltel June 21, 2019

There has been quite a few technical challenges that SBI has faced here recently coming from DDOS and other hacking attacks. Currently it looks like SBI is migrating some or all of their services over to AWS. We have reached out to SBI representatives in regards to this seeming development and will keep you posted here as we learn more.

We do hope this is the case as anyone who has worked with AWS or Azure platforms know that from a Load, Scalability, and Security perspective it is a very good solution and hope this is a extremely positive sign for the future growth and stability of Albion Online.

Update from SBI Twitter.

UPDATE: Our server hosting provider is under DDoS attack and has taken parts of their network offline – unfortunately, this includes the majority of our servers. We are working with them to bring the game back online as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us.

1:54 PM – 21 Jun 2019

UPDATE: Some players have reported having no issues while others are not able to login or play at all.

2:46 PM – 21 Jun 2019

UPDATE: Players are widely reporting able to log in.

3:05 PM – 21 Jun 2019

Update from Elsa the Snow Queen from Official Discord.


Elsa the Snow QueenToday at 3:18 PM

It’s not stable for the time being

3:18 pm – 21Jun 2019

Update from Korn from Official Discord

KornToday at 3:45 PM

Today’s attacks are the most servere we have had thus far. It’s probably not worth it to wait for the servers to get back any time soon, it will likely take a decent amount of time for us to get things back. We’ll keep you informed via Twitter and our website.

3:45 PM – 21Jun 2019

Update: This one we are posting an image as it is a bit extreme of releasing a potential 24 hour downtime announcement.

4:05 PM – 21Jun 2019

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