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SBI Official Response to Albion News 24 regarding the Recent Outage

POSTED BY Voltel June 22, 2019

On the 21st of June Albion Online suffered one of its most serious cyber-attacks to date. As a result of this attack the game servers were seriously affected. This meant that the Albion Online game was unavailable for a number of hours.

Such attacks are all too common for more popular games. Often the impact is short lived or negated completely. But the more determined and resourceful attacker can have an effect on game services.

Albion News 24 was fortunate enough to be able to speak to Korn, one of the founders of Albion Online, and they had this to say:

“Today, we have been hit by the most severe series of DDOS attacks thus far, causing a game outage of multiple hours. We have managed to get things under control – though it is still too early to give the all clear yet as there is always a risk that the current solution could fail. To prevent similar issues from happening in the future, it is our highest priority to switch to a hosting company that is highly specialized in handling online games and more resilient against attacks than our current provider is. With such a hosting company change, we hope to also resolve the ping and routing issues that some players are facing. A hosting company change is a large undertaking, hence there is no set ETA on this yet other than “as soon as possible”. We’ll release an update on this matter shortly.”

Quote from Korn and SBI leadership 1:22am 6/22/2019

It is heartening to see SBI take such actions against attacks to the game servers. Probably more importantly it is refreshing to see a game developer be open and honest about such a situation arising. Here at AN24 we certainly hope that the core issue of attacks is addressed so that we can all get on with playing the game we love.

We will keep you posted with the latest news as it becomes available to us. If you would like to help here at AN24 then let us know on our Discord. Or if you just want to hang out with the Albion Online community also join our Discord.


  • Ridiculous state run propaganda. Everyone knows the REAL source for news in this game, and it isn’t you or SBI!

    • I am sorry you feel that way, you are more than welcome to submit anything you would like about Albion as long as it does not dox people or bring in RL things. Please join us in our discord and contribute to the community.

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