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*Breaking exclusive* EGO Grand theft OX this 4th of July!

POSTED BY Voltel July 5, 2019

We have recently seen the departure of a few notable members of EGO leadership and guilds from the alliance EGO. But Thursday the 4th of July we saw one of their leadership smash and grab a ton of gear. As you can see in this video that was sent to us by Atroix.

This is the official statement from Atroix as given to Albion news. No changes have been made to the text that they sent us.

“Day of The Theft

– I wake up, turns out my MDPS player from my GvG team is leaving, which means my team will disband as he was our captain.

– This means the only good team in EGO has disbanded, and they have no one to GvG for them anymore. We try to look for replacements, but literally no one in the 8000-man alliance can handle doing GvG content

– I look for various guilds to join to pursue my GvG career

– I look into June and start the recruitment process

– I wipe out Torthur clean

– I join June

– Drug mules are running the loot and selling it back in Lymhurst to its original owners “

“So, there were some things that led towards this act, however I would like to express to everyone that this is a sandbox game, and stuff like this happens. People take precautions for reason, they betray each other etc. Nothing against Torthur as a person. This was all purely a political act influenced by a 3rd party that will remain undisclosed for the time being.

The items / objects taken were roughly valued at over 200 million street value.

Kind Regards, PCulloo”

At this time, we were informed that he got away with at least 200 Million in silver worth of items with today’s exchange rate is about $600.00 USD.

We have reached out to Torthur for an official statement and have not as yet received one. We will update as soon as we have more information on this latest heist.

*Editors Note* These types of emergent game play are what makes the sandbox of Albion Online so unique. If you have stories like this or would like to write stories like this, please join our discord and let us know!