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For anybody out of the loop, recently we published this article about all the different ways that you can play Albion Online through Meta, diplomacy, and spies

It seems that we were on the right track as over the last 72 hours it seems that EGO has come under concerted attack by propaganda, spies, and disinformation. We have reached out to all involved or potentially involved parties and have even gotten a few people that have reached out to us with information that we have not been able to verify yet. Here is a recap of what is in the public so far or has been approved to be released by the various parties.

Early this morning this post was posted to reddit.

Along with a video from a channel called OOPS Propaganda here.

This is in addition to this theft we covered earlier.

There was this post on reddit about multiple guild/alliance thefts as well as multiple members of leadership leaving.

A bit earlier there was also this piece of Propaganda

Here is one more piece that is currently one of the top posts on the r/albiononline subreddit.

Here is public posts from the leader of EGO seemingly confirming that this was indeed some sort of spy operation.

Additionally here is a public ping from Torthur

[IB] Torthur
Yesterday at 5:12 PM


We reached out to all sides involved in these events and tried to get a clearer picture, this is what we got back.

Official Statement from SupahSneakyy the GM of EGO Guild and 4th in command in EGO alliance Leadership about the recent events.

AN24: It is my understanding you recently left EGO can you give us your thoughts on what has happened that led to that decision?

SupahSneakyy: Joined EGO around late April, I was in the guild called RIVAL.

I started off insignificant and stayed that way until i showed promise in scouting during war camps and I played a lot of hours.

I founded the scouting corps in EGO and became the Scoutmaster (4th in command of the alliance)

I also became a member of the EGO council and was good friends with the leadership.

After seeing my promotions, my guild quickly promoted me to GM of the guild.

Throughout my early time in EGO, everything was perfect! there was a lot of people active, the discord always had people FF and Ganking and everything imaginable.

It all started going downhill after the most recent reset

We maintained most of our territories, but KFC was quickly becoming a problem and started destroying our EU war camps and quickly took over

This caused our EU ZvZ leaders and members to all leave.

After the EU side of our war camp left, a lot of people started trickling out.

We weren’t having much attendance during war camps and the discord started to become bare

Chillscape (one of the EGO Alliance Masters) became AFK and never got online

Slowly and surely more Ironborn members left and more guilds left

The icing on the cake was EGO’s strict rules as far as territory gathering goes

AN24: Did you do anything as you left as we have seen I think 5 fairly high level thefts now?

SupahSneakyy: I didn’t do anything Malicious as I left, I made an announcement that I was leaving the Alliance and then I dropped guild

AN24: What are your thoughts on the spies and guild thefts that have happened so far?

SupahSneakyy: I believe it’s a really scummy thing that happens in this game, I know that it’s never going to stop and it will always at least be minor problem, however, if you have to resort to ratting another guilds discord then you absolutely have 0 skill and 0 faith in your abilities

AN24: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

SupahSneakyy: I would just like to say that I feel that EGO has some great guilds and some great people and they don’t deserve all the bullshit that is happening in the alliance. Black Flag, RIVAL, Hustlin Hitmans are all good guilds and are led by great people and I feel that they have some serious promise if they were to disband and create a different alliance or merge with another.

AN24: Thank you for your time.

We additionally reached out to GluttonySDS from ARCH for his perspective after he posted on a few of the reddit posts.

AN24: Recently you posted on a couple of the leaks coming out of EGO. Is there something there? do you think this was a spy operation as claimed on reddit and I hate to ask but if you can answer was this an ARCH operation?

GluttonySDS: I think simply multiple members of Senior Leadership in Iron Born and EGO simply got tired of having to deal with Torthur and wanted to burn it all down to the ground on their way out.

AN24: We have seen tons of different angles being spun with this including By Torthur and reddit posters, and there does seem to be some coordination behind these actions over the last few days do you think that it is possible there is something else going on?

GluttonySDS: People simply don’t like torthur they were only in EGO because it had 100 terries. once it started going downhill people no longer had a reason to put up with his trash style of leadership and wanted to leave — and disliked him so burned him on their way out.

AN24: So what I am hearing is a basic Eve Online Style Failcascade brought on by deficient leadership?

GluttonySDS: Basically.

AN24: Thank you for your time.

And finally, we reached out to Torthur directly for his side of things. In addition, he joined us live on the AN24 Stream

Official Torthur statement

“I actually feel bad for these guys; they are legit delusional:
1) Robbery: Smallest shittiest robbery yet. The gvg chests were empty the day before, Trebor and I took exactly 38.5 million silver and bought some raw, some refined resources and crafted that all ourselves. Our total guild holdings are in the billions now, the loss was irrelevant. Atroix the guy that whole from us pretends to be a woman to get in game items, life literally shits on this dude every day when he wakes up, so I don’t feel like I have too lol.
2a.) Server Nuking: We stopped it almost immediately. Took us less than a half hour to be operational again and now we have the server backed up by a very nice bot in case it ever happens again. Literally no effect on us.
2b.) Ironborn Gkicking: They kicked about 200 people, all have been re-invited, perms are fixed, and it again had no overall effect besides being an inconvenience for a half hour.
2c.) Immediately after the Nuking and Gkicking we went and booty blasted June successfully defending dampwall, we then got an auto retal against June and took back Hanging Valley.
3.) These same people are making non-stop reddit threads lying about me being racist or w/e they can lie about. Half of my family is Jewish lol so I can safely fucking say no one has ever thought I was a nazi either lol.
Luckily, I have more tenacity than both of our enemies’ dads combined. Nothing they did had any overall effect on us. Like I suggested months ago, rather than spending so much time spying, these people should spend some time training for a gvg or learning how to shotcall/zvz. Maybe they can have a real impact on me or the game someday.

AN24 : As it seems propaganda, spin, and disinformation are running rampant and it seems that a concerted propaganda effort has been underway to cause damage to the alliance EGO we have two final questions for you. First what group do you feel is behind this latest string of propaganda and shady spy activity?

Torthur: 1. That’s not the way my mind works, and I don’t like to waste time. I have not spent a second trying to figure out or decipher who is behind it or why. Even if I knew who they were, I would still have to fix the perms, craft gvg gear, gvg etc. So, I spend ALL of my time on tangible activities that produce usable items/terris for ironborn and NONE of it thinking about.

AN24: And second what would you like to say to these enemies?

Torthur: You might as well start calling Ironborn Alpha and Omega. We were here long before you and will still be here long after you are gone.

AN24: thank you for your time.

Additionally we where lucky enough to get Torthur and SupahSneakyy on for a interview on the Real Talk AN24 stream for our test broadcast turned impromptu show. Here it is below.

This continues to be a story of intrigue. As it develops further, we will keep you updated with all the latest news that we can. Stay tuned to AN24 for the best in news from the players of Albion Online. And as always if you would like to get involved writing stories or helping in any way join our discord!

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