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Once upon a time, you probably played Runescape. Recently, you learned about a unique game with some similarities called Albion Online. You and fifteen friends have signed up, and you’ve decided to make your own guild! Many of you were Diamond in League of Legends or competitive in similar games, and you know that in time, you can compete with the best of them!

After some grinding, you and your crew decide to hit the black zone. You zone into Torrid Trough and are promptly mollywhopped by one-hundred and eight members of ARCH. Welcome to Albion Online.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about mega alliances. Should there be a cap to the size of alliances? Should win conditions for the season be adjusted to give smaller guilds a better chance at having an impact? Questions like these are posted on Reddit and forums daily, and Albion News 24 has decided to speak directly to veterans and guild leaders alike who have dealt with big alliances and guilds firsthand.

I started off by interviewing ActionCompassion, who is a well-respected veteran and guild leader of McDonalds. McDonalds recently was the target of a campaign by WIN alliance, and I reached out to ActionCompassion for his thoughts.

A24N: How are you? Last we spoke, you mentioned how hard it can be leading a smaller guild when you’re the target of a big alliance.

ActionCompassion: Bahah jumping right in I like your style. I am good! It’s my birthday today, 33, I usually don’t celebrate it but my wife made me cheesecake and I will order greasy Canadian Chinese food tonight. Albion wise we are hurting a bit. Our main GVG team left to JUNE after we lost the townplot and many of our gvg hopefuls are understandably looking elsewhere for accessible 5v5 content. The guild is in recovery mode but I am here for the long haul 🙂

A24N: You have a reputation for being one of the best healers around, so I have confidence that you guys will succeed. Do you feel that any of the changes made to GVGs or 20v20 scrims will help prepare you to fight against bigger alliances? Many small guilds have been the target of alliances like OOPS, Arch, and WIN. What would you say to other guilds that are in a similar situation but fighting against such large groups?

ActionCompassion: Oh I do? I constantly think my healing is shit. I hate it when people die on my watch. As for your questions I think the biggest thing is to not take things personally. After all this is a full loot political pvp war game and the big fish will natural impose their will on the smaller fish. To survive vs the big fish you must have brains and brawn. Myself personally I would say I am a bit too impulsive.

I think the upcoming changes are a step in the right direction and it is hopeful that SBI understands this is a concern and is trying to find a balance for their entire game base. No easy task!

A24N: What are your thoughts on the current GVG system? There are a lot of complaints floating around Reddit and the Forums from groups like Arch who are frustrated that a relatively small number of players can have such an impact on the metagame.

ActionCompassion: Well I am biased here because my background is competitive DOTA so I do enjoy roleplaying 5v5 as the trashtalk discord would say. I think ARCH and Gluttony-Kun is not wrong to say that a change to the system would be healthy for the game. Personally, I find it fun and frustrating to try and break through the somewhat elite circle of gvgers and compete with them but not everyone like that…

I dunno. They say trying to please everyone is a good way to fail ^^

A24N: What advice would you give to newer players or younger guilds that want to grow and compete with these groups that seemingly have endless economic support and many more members?

ActionCompassion: I would make fun a priority but also do lots of research. I would humble myself and try to understand why it is so hard to grow and establish in Albion. I would then analyze how much time/energy the guild can put forth weekly and set sustainable goals. You see a lot of big dreamers get crushed in Albion and I def recommend practicing patience and looking at things with a broader perspectives, especially when things get tough. Lastly, challenge yourself not to complain/whine when things go bad on Albion cus IT’S GON HAPPEN and don’t be afraid to die!

AN24: Thank you for your time.

Depending on who you talk to, Mega Alliances may be killing Albion. Others say that the current GVG system enables a few players to have too much impact.

It seems that the best way to fight back against a Mega Alliance is to develop your own group for GVG battles. With enough time, practice, and skill, even a small guild with an elite GVG team can have a huge impact on the world of Albion. Stay tuned for an article soon about the GVG system along with more interviews from Albion Veterans.

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