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Derrick The Puppetmaster Over the past few weeks there have been outbursts of drama, mostly surrounding BA, OOPS, EGO, and now lately WIN. Link:

Fierce shitposting continues on reddit, ranging from the cringy Link:, to the trolly in all it’s glory.

Leaks sprung from all sides, ranging from somebody saying something stupid, to people trying to discredit somebody. For most observers this seemed like a coincidence; non-related incidents or drama outbursts here and there with it seemingly that the only possible common factor was the GVG-oriented guild June. But even they weren’t everywhere. Maybe only the incidents they were close to were part of an concerted effort by some shadowy figure/organisation to take down other guilds/alliances/big players behind the scenes. But we did our job as curious people and investigative journalists and went out our way to get to the bottom of this. We can definitly state by now those “June-incidents” weren’t the only ones related. Everything fit into a much bigger picture. First let me tell you what we do. We look for the truth. We look for provable, testable, pieces of facts. The first question you have to ask yourself in that situation is “who would benefit from this” because usually people do what they do for profit one way or another. There are very few Heath Ledger-type Jokers out in the world, and even less with the power and means to “watch the world burn” for the sake of it.

So we gathered round and asked ourselves “Who would benefit if X happened?”. X being all those drama outburst, betrayals, shitposting, and general instability in the Blackzone. This got us on the tracks of King Mojo. We found more and more evidence of him pulling strings. All informants and witnesses, the Logs, everything pointed at him. All actions hurt his enemies OOPS, EGO, and to a certain extent WIN, or poisoned the water around them in the case of June. It was a trail of breadcrumbs trough a dark dark forest, but easy to follow. We were ready to go with a piece calling out King Mojo as the guy who was underhandedly trying to destabilize his adversaries everywhere around him.

But then, one of our investigators was jokingly like “This is so easy this time”. We had a good laugh how easy it was this time around the story was practically writing itself. Thats when it dawned on us. It’s never this easy, it never was and never will be. The obvious play is never the REAL play. So we put a stop on the release. I personally was pretty pissed cause i had spent quite a few hours of free time on that article, connecting everything, building it up and breaking it down into digestable bites. Honestly, I‘m still kinda sour but mostly at myself that I accepted it being easy instead of asking. The article was scrapped and we dug deeper. Tried to get to the bigger picture, to the roots of all of this. Now the question wasnt simply “Who would benefit from this?” but “Who would benefit from everybody thinking it benefited BA?”. Some of our research went into the idea of this being a false flag, invented by BA targetting themselves, that they would be the victim AND benefactor at the

same time. But that‘s not what BA does. They fight in the streets not in the paragraphs. They stab you in the front. So we looked around, took different angles. who is the biggest adversary of BA. Who would benefit if multiple Alliances turned on each other, and mainly on BA. Then the obvious answer dawned on us. Derrick. OOPS. Our intuition with the false flag was incorrect. It wasn’t BA false-flagging onto themselves, but an ACTUAL attack from OOPS. Let’s be real, Derrick is scared of the S8 changes ever since they were leaked/published by Korn on the Forums. With S8 changes favoring BA/Squads open world heavy playstyle instead of OOPS GvG-Focused approach like it used to be, his hand was forced. But he had more problems than that. The S8 changes would not only effect EGO positively, since they are a huge alliance like BA, all in all BA and EGO have been seen cooperating on occasions a month back, against OOPS. Why shouldn’t they in the future, especially if OOPS grows weaker due to the game changes. But his list of problems goes on. WIN alliance, with CIR at its head, is still considerably weaker than the other big players in the Blackzone. An up and coming threat, they are organized and stubborn. They hold out in hostile territory due to diplomacy and old relations. They are far from poor and will put up a fight that could cost OOPS dearly. And WIN is growing stronger by the day. Not only this but the former leader of CIR and POE is returning. Syndic is back and quite a few people in OOPS hold him in high regard.

This might not be a problem now but could become one in the future. So Derrick went out on a month long campaign of deception. His first move was a concentrated effort to take down EGO. They are not as big as a threat to OOPS as BA and a bigger threat to BA. The perfect victim so to say. He used a two-pronged approach. First he got some alts into EGO and then leaked old logs from Torthur that paint him as a white supremacist. This turned the community at large against him. Following this, have him robbed multiple times and make the members who do it join June.

This weakens EGO and turns EGO against JUNE and with that against WIN. This opens up a front against a growing WIN presence in western and southern Siluria, below Archghanistan. Moneyguilds A-Team used that opening and started attacking. WIN put in quite the effort, Taking warcamps and GvGing heavily contested terries and even under this considerable pressure, the teamwork and friendship between June and CIR never faltered. But EGO lost to June in eastern Glouvia and was therefore weakened further. Even if this front closed up quicker than expected the pressure from OOPS still put WIN under stress. Now Derrick’s next step was to put pressure on BA. This couldn’t happen publically, and BA was much more ”secure” in and on itself and less “open” with its recrutiment than EGO so it was easiest to just pin the whole operation on BA intead of attacking them directly.

But Derrick didn’t expect EGO to react to this theft with such force, and a near failcascade. Therefore he wouldn’t bother with them too much since he now considered them less of a threat than WIN and June. And this was his next target. WIN was already under pressure from OOPS with June and CIR fighting different battles on different fronts. Easy to separate with a bit of drama. But what would be more effective would be to have it look like WIN was being taken over by JUNE at the

command of BA. This would fit perfectly because WIN and BA rarely fought so it would create another grudge between two of his enemies, and it also made sense that JUNE would be friendly with BA because they are on good terms with one another so its believable. Luckily for him he got Shark into BA and he soon moved over to June which created further drama between June and CIR, making it look like exactly what Derrick wanted everybody to believe, June was being taken over by BA in an attempt to make WIN a puppet. In this whole context Shark was probably more a unknowing tool than an active conspirator. Aftermath and momentarily situation: The aftermath of the drama in EGO was so big that Derrick himself had to step in Yes, that is Derrick in the EGO-Officer channel. you can see his perms here. He is also trying to poach anybody from SMM and Hammer+Sickle to prevent them to join up with CIR now that Syndic is back in the game because the leadership of both guilds trusts Syndic and both guilds have a past of working together with CIR. We don’t know what the future brings but for now a lot of balls are in the air and nobody knows where they will land, but this seems to be one of if not the most interesting off-seasons so far.

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