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Today I have decided to not just pay lip service to supporting new players but I have left WIN alliance and Crimson and embarked on starting a new player alliance. This alliance will be designed exclusively for new players and will be focused on showing them all aspects of the game.

I have nothing but love for Syndic and Skraw and the rest of CIR and WIN and wish them the best of luck in season 7. I know for some who have seen me as part of CIR and POE for so long this may seem as a surprise and while some personal events facilitated me making this decision as quickly as I did it has been something I have been thinking about for a very long time. Again myself and AN24 appreciates all the support that Syndic and Skraw have given me personally as well as the site.

We will soon be announcing the alliance, the vision, and how it will be structured so stay tuned for details.

In Closing if you are interested in helping and mentoring new players please contact Voltel#4709 and we will get you plugged in to this new player project or you can join our discord and contact me there for more information.


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