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Brave Newbies is recruiting! We posted about this in the previous release This will be an entire alliance built to help new players get their start in whatever aspect of the game they are interested in. Economy, fame farm, Hell Gates, gathering, crafting, open world pvp, solo pvp, ganking, and so on. There will not effectively be guilds except as a mechanism for the group to coordinate and work together this Singular Alliance Identity is crucial so that there is not politics and BS. We have brought together some folks from other games that have built large scale new bro friendly organizations with some of them being in the 10’s of thousands of players. We will be funding the group separate from the newbies so that the silver will be going back in their pockets so that they can grow and be successful. Even the recruiters themselves will be sharing the recruiting rewards with the new players.

We have our discord up and running. Join the Brave Newbies discord if you are a newbie or you are interested in helping newbies in any aspect of Albion online gameplay. As you will see we already have people helping from pretty much every major group in Albion.

We again thank all the people that helped over the years ultimately make this possible from all over the game but special thanks goes out to Syndic and Skraw who originally backed Albion News 24 and the passion we have for bringing new players into this game!

If you are interested in getting involved with Brave Newbies from a mentorship or onboarding perspective please join the above discord and let us know. Also if you are interested in writing or helping with Albion News directly please follow this link .


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