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First and foremost everyone at AN24 would like to apologize the community for the interruption in services the last few days. While we will go into some of the details of what transpired the last few days we will not be naming these people publicly. With the severity of the what happened will be pursuing other avenues with the 2 or 3 people involved that will not be discussed in a public forum, as on the web server we had other real business’s websites hosted that where also affected. We will update this article with any relevant information we can share publicly as we discover it.

A few days ago I put some articles in the que for publishing and left to deal with a few RL things. I received a few threats directly that I would be dealt with personally which I brushed off as nerds raging like they do. Here are 3 of those threats I have blacked out who made them as I said we will not be naming anyone and if that is what you are looking for in this article stop reading now.

This was sent to the official AN24 Reddit account during when all of this started.

The Facts so far.

As I was virtually unreachable I had no idea that this had happened until almost a two days after it had happened.

Due to bad security practices and being naïve 2 people had admin accounts on the web server which should not have had those accounts. Sometime shortly before a reddit post was posted saying CIR sends their regards the entire root directory was deleted of the web server including other RL websites. Luckily Once I got back GoDaddy was able to restore all the deleted files for a small Fee.

2. Due to removing two factor authentication and sharing the same email with the one used to administrate the web server the discord account known as Voltel was compromised which resulted in 6 discords being completely deleted including Albion News24 Discord, Brave Newbies discord and the Albion Community Council that we where forming to address things like Doxxing and real life things such as exactly this type of stuff. Then after all discords that where owned where deleted, the culprit attempted to delete the entire account after seemingly going through all my private DM’s and seemingly archiving everything that they could get their hands on message wise. I have contacted all of the potentially affected people that might have had their personal information compromised due to these people gaining access to those messages. This I did not become aware of until Friday approximately when I finally got good enough internet service to receive this email and try to put a stop to what was going on.

Now I know some people have been quick to Paint all of Crimson Imperium Reborn with a broad brush, I will not accuse an entire guild and community that I was part of for 2 years of doing this nor will I paint that community with a broad brush because of the actions of a few mentally unhinged bad actors that do not represent the community as a whole. And as I have asked a few people who have posted reddit posts to take them down, please do not feed into drama on reddit with what you think you know about this situation.

What’s Next?

While we do not blame the CIR community we have had to unfortunately remove all admin access of any members of that community that where involved in any way with the AN24 project. This is not because we suspect that they where the ones that where involved, but with this causing Real Life impacts I can unfortunately not take that chance going forward and 2 of the people we know where behind the threats etc are still currently wearing crimson tags. We thank everyone that has helped AN24 get to where it is. Our updated Discord link to the new discord being rebuilt is here.

In regards to Brave Newbies Alliance we also have rebuilt this discord and that is where I will be Focusing the majority of my time on. The new discord is here.

In closing since we have had to fire the majority of our staff we are currently looking for Writers, IT guys, Web, Editors, and Graphic artists. Please join the Albion news discord and speak with me or Overdose.




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