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If you are interested in visiting our racetrack or are looking to bring your guild to an event, you can find us in Thetford.  Please message @FerroSC#4723 to get access for your guild if you do not already have it.

The next race event is Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 1800 UTC.

The race events typically last about an hour to an hour and a half with several short intermissions and lots of banter and joking.  We will use the public voice channel in this discord.  We are open to anyone who wants to take part, but we ask that all content is kept at a PG-13 level so that this can be a fun event for everyone.

If you need a donkey, we can loan you one.  If you won a prize congrats.  If you want to organize an event of your own using the racetrack, we can talk about that too.  For “Foot Race” events, you can use any ability during the race that can be used from any piece of gear (non-mount) that you can equip.  There are no off-limits equipment abilities in the foot races.  Failure to stay on the course will lead to you to be disqualified.  We have several referees on the course that are watching for people cheating.  It’s a free race, don’t be a dick and try to cheat.   Betting is 100% cool, but sumos does not operate any sort of gambling mechanism nor does sumos take any responsibility for any gambling losses or winnings.  Sumos, FerroEQMS or any sumos officers does not make any money on this event.  All prizes are donated by sumos members and are tax deductible from the central bank of sumos.

Please join us in our discord if you would like more information

If you would like submit events or content like this please join our discord and contact Overdose or Voltel.

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