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Hey guys, Captainrussia here.

I have been playing Albion for a while now (since closed Beta), sometimes on an off – as everyone needs a break here and there. But the most interesting subject or “style” of play for me is to be able to be as self-sufficient as possible (it’s also very challenging) – and that means being able to SOLO majority of the content. Of course, that means PVP as well.

Without further ado – let’s jump into the recent video that I released – which touches upon the subject of solo PVP with the Infernal Scythe. First of all, I really like the weapon. It looks really bad ass and I really like the skills, the synergy and just the overall “savage” feel of Axes. Not really seeing much of good axe play on YouTube (well up until recently – there has been none for years) – I decided to give it a try myself, fame Axes up, and see how they do in HGs and in solo/small scale PVP.

(My favorite one as I’ve already mentioned is the Infernal Scythe.) As my testing with it demonstrated – Infernal Scythe can do well in SOLO and in small scale combat. I am still testing is out in 2v2 and 5v5 HGs and I will be releasing videos on that once I have more footage. For now – see for yourself and enjoy this 13 min solo PVP compilation that I have created of me killing the gankers who dive me in sRDG:

Here is our discord link if you are interested in getting involved with AN24 in any way or just hanging out and catching up on the Stories that make this sandbox what it is!

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