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Below is a submission from Captain Russia

Hey guys,

Here is a quick guide on the Infernal Scythe build that I have recently featured in a solo PVP montage that I have posted a couple of days ago. This is what I primarily use the build for – to Fame Farm, and then PVP comes as a secondary activity. It’s a great build – in that sense, as you can use it successfully for both activities – you get 2 for the price of 1!

In this video I go over the skills and the items I use, as well as some alternatives and the logic behind them.

Also, I’d like to elaborate a bit on the choice of zones (tiers) when solo faming. I’ve seen many players complain that they are constantly getting dove, or that the chests are ratted (empty), etc… etc… What I have discovered is that running the highest possible zones (t7 and t8) will be very risky (intended risk-vs-reward), which will disrupt your fame/hr ratio. Therefore, downgrading a bit to t5 and t6 zones will pay off in the long run – as you will be able to get better fame there without much nuisance.

Here is our discord link if you are interested in getting involved with AN24 in any way or just hanging out and catching up on the Stories that make this sandbox what it is!

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