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Albion News is looking for more writers and content producers!

POSTED BY Voltel October 23, 2019

Albion news is looking for folks who would love to have their stories, editorials, propaganda, videos, and any other type of content featured! We will be rolling out different types of content such as the video by Captain Russia with a write up Additionally we will start adding more political pieces covering the politics of Albion Online such as Diplomacy, Spies, Backstabs, Huge Battles, Thefts, and generally Sandbox Fuckery that we all love about this game but so often doesn’t get much more than a reddit shitpost or nothing at all. Beyond that we will be doing more in depth pieces on the various playstyles of the game such as what we covered in the linked article above, PVE content, gathering, GVG, ZVZ, Economic, and so on.

Second we will be ramping up our twitch channel to specifically cover Meta News, politics, do exclusive interviews of people of interest and so on. If you are interested in doing a daily or weekly show please contact Voltel or Overdose! As long as you don’t violate twitch TOS and your show/content is about something to do with Albion we would love to support you!

And finally Albion News is a purely volunteer staff. We need help in the following areas.

  1. Writers!
  2. Graphic designers.
  3. Video editors.
  4. WordPress admins.
  5. Editors.
  6. Interviewers.
  7. In game news correspondents covering events in real time either in live blog format or on the twitch channel.
  8. Anyone who considers themselves to be an expert on any aspect of Albion to write guides for our new influx of players.

If you have any interest at all Please join our discord and let us know what you would like to do or if you don’t know just let us know you would like to help get interesting things out about Albion Online to hopefully attract more players and retain the ones we have! Or just drop by and say hi.

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