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Whatsup guys – Captainrussia is back with another video!

This time I did something completely outside the box and went out to test a Druid (Nature) Tank. yes – I know this sounds pretty crazy – but as always, I like to test out the “you are what you wear” motto of the game.

So in order to give Druid tank a proper test – I purchased a 6.2 Group Random Dungeon map (to make it t8 equivalent), threw on 1 handed Nature Staff and a Facebreaker shield (max aggro bonus) in the offhand as well as my trusty Guardian armor and my favorite Cultist Boots (armor reduction) + Stalker Helmet (even more armor reduction). I was originally going to run with a 6-man group, but had 1 more person who really wanted to join, so I said – heck with it, we can do 7 people as well.

Now – the run itself went pretty well, I would say it went even great – because the 1 hand Nature Staff gives a little AOE party heal (around 200 pts) to everyone around – every 18 sec, as well as it roots all the mobs in range (and it has a pretty big range of 11m). So basically, I was “offhealing” my entire party.

new Thorns Q spell works pretty well – the Druid basically has an AOE pull that is fast to cast (it has no cast time as it’s based on auto-attacks, kind of like whispering bow or the 1h dagger), along with the hefty +300% aggro bonus from the plate passive “Protective Instinct” – that is all you really need to be able to maintain aggro for the entire run of the dungeon.

Already I got some interesting feedback on the YouTube comments of the video. Let me address some of those concerns/comments:

1) “The run was too slow”. Well yeah, I guess, but I think that is more of a factor of bringing the correct AOE DPS vs anything else. Yes – Air Compressor from the classic “mace” tanking tree would have helped, but I think it’s still more of a DPS thing.

2) “The tank looks slow/sluggish”. I mean I think for someone who does not main as a tank – I did well. One thing that I wanted to point out is that the Druid tank feels very versatile. I went with 1h Nature staff for PVE – but there are definitely other options for PVP (Blight?) and maybe even Great Nature for that insane double-armor buff (triple – if you are running with a Holy Healer, who uses Holy Blessing) from the Protection of Nature (W) as well as the E on the Great Nature.

To further add to this analysis – I think that Druid can be a great tank for boss fights. World bosses or even the territory flame bosses (although territories might be going away soon) seem like the best place to use the Druid Tank because of that 200 pts AOE heal on E and very strong survivability due to armor stacking buffs. I believe that the W “Protection of Nature” should stack with the Holy spell W “Holy Blessing” that buffs the target’s armor.

All in all it was fun testing this concept – and my verdict is – that yes, Albion is still a “you are what you wear” game and that you can tank with at least 1 weapon from any kind of a tree (well, this is true for like 90% of the weapon trees).

I Hope you’ll enjoy the video – and please do not hesitate to leave your comments here – on AlbionNews24 or on the video itself. I’m curious to hear what everyone else is thinking about this setup! Thanks!

Here is our discord link if you are interested in getting involved with AN24 in any way or just hanging out and catching up on the Stories that make this sandbox what it is!

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