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What we know so Far.

*Updated with more logs of the U12 theft.*

This season definitely has a lot of unknowns and we still have not gotten any clarification from SBI in regards to this “Season Not a Season Event”.

That being said one thing we can count on in Albion is Drama with a capital D. Over the last week we have had a string of Robberies or supposed robberies from Say My Metatron, Legacy UK, U12 Academy, and most recently Scelti.

Now we are currently working on confirming the details of this latest “robbery” and we will keep this article up to date as the story develops and we are able to confirm or debunk various stories and accusations. Here is the logs real and fake that we have gotten so far. Also we are still waiting for multiple responses from folks on both the Scelti and U12 robberies.

Sohrab Announces the “robbery” and Disbanding of Scelti.

Now we have heard multiple stories from it was a spy operation with Sucks or Syndic all the way Sohrab himself perpetrated the robbery and decided to blame it on someone.

We have reached out to multiple people that where accused to have been involved and from Blue Army we got a very resounding no if we had done it we would have no issue taking responsibility. King Mojo’s official quote was.

10:00 AM] KingMoJo: if it was Ba

[10:00 AM] KingMoJo: it would have been awesome

[10:01 AM] KingMoJo: but i dont care about scelti

[10:01 AM] KingMoJo: neither does sucks

[10:01 AM] KingMoJo: i can assure you

[10:01 AM] KingMoJo: 😀

From Crimson Imperium Reborn leadership we got this quote. When asked if they knew anything about the robbery definitely a no comment.

10:37 AM Jagar: Nothing really to say. Just a funny edating scandal.

We reached out to Inannaveil and after clearly denying the allegations this was what she had to say.

9:23 AM] InannaVeil: I think he got banned off Twitch which was his income. Then suspended on mixer. Thedn Take Care left him. I guess he RMTs a lot So I guess he got banned on Albion and is just trying to cover and make a mess on his way out And to make drama for Chris. And he must have beef with Electra and trying to take her down too.

[9:24 AM] InannaVeil: I guess he framed Dip for a previous robbery he did too. Seems to be his M.O.

We reached out to Marvin as he has known Sohrab for quite awhile and this is what he had to say.

[11:45 AM Marvin: Sohrab a mastermind or not who knows he might have bailed out with all the money and for innaveil all I got is a ?

we additionally reached out to QuickSwipe but was unable to get a comment out of him over his continuous raucous laughter.

As we get more updates or clarify certain parts or debunk others we will keep this up to date but it does look based off some logs we got from confidential sources that the heist was somewhere between 20 Billion and 90 billion in total. If that is even remotely true that would be over $15,000.00 in real life money making it one largest thefts in Albion history at least that we know about publicly.

The U12 “Robbery”

Additionally we investigated the allegations that U12 was cleaned out and disbanded as we got the following screen shots and where told by multiple members that Kossity made off with a few billion before disbanding the guild.

Kossity discusses the robbery and confirmed with him it is real.

We reached out to Kossity about these allegations and here was the conversation with him which definitely did not include a denial.

7:25 AM] Voltel: You should catch up on trash talk
[7:25 AM] Kossity: nah
[7:25 AM] Kossity: i actually shouldnt
[7:25 AM] Kossity: liol
[7:25 AM] Voltel: Ok
[7:26 AM] Voltel: So you are saying the accusations are not true
[7:26 AM] Kossity: nah im saying u can suck a dick

As we get more on these robberies we will update. While we have not been able to confirm that these string of alleged robberies are connected as a few people have confidentially alleged, the timing right before the season begins is definitely circumspect.

Albion News is always looking for people to provide tips or information about the drama and stories that make this game great. If you have any information about this story or any other story please feel free to drop by our discord