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Brave Academy has their first two public classes!

POSTED BY Voltel November 20, 2019

Newby Alliance has been busy rescuing newbros from the starter experience and training them up. The latest thing that we have done is started up Brave Academy. We are bringing in experts in various topics to hold classes for the newbros that we are live streaming on AlbionNews24 twitch here http://www.twitch/albionnews24 as well as archiving to youtube and releasing publicly for the entire community!

Here are the first two classes from Licitank the healer of POE and Money Guild fame covering all of the basics of healing as well as delving into some more advanced topics so it should be beneficial to newbros and veterans alike!

additionally we had durateen from POE, Squad, and now OOPS/UPSET fame hold a class on both shotcalling and basic ZVZ mechanics hope you guys enjoy!

we hope you guys enjoy and if there is any veterans out there that would like to hold classes either drop into the newby discord here

or Albion news discord here and contact voltel

We look forward to getting more of these amazing classes up and thank the people who are willing to donate their time to helping teach the next generation of albion players!