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If you are not aware of the pending changes to alliances here is the announcement by SBI after taking a poll on the forums that less than 0.5% of the player base responded to.

We will be having Alliance leaders from most of the major alliances on to discuss how these changes will address the issue of power projection and most of the map being controlled by a very small group of Autocrats. We will also be discussing exactly how all of these groups have already circumvented these “limits” in this “test”. Then we will discuss what the underlying issues actually are and why has been happening in Albion is happening from all of the various perspectives represented. This show will definitely be NSFW and should be very spicey. While we are hopeful that someone from SBI will show up to discuss this with the various alliance leaders we have not yet received any confirmation from anyone at SBI of any interest to participate.

Please join us @ 16:00 server time Saturday at

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