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This music and note was Submitted by a community member he spent almost 60 hours producing this music so please take a listen and give him a subscribe some amazing effort went into this!

Dear lads, After many years of searching I found a place that I can call it home, I call this home, Brave Newbie. For the first time i am feeling free, I know that my help goes to the right person, I know that here, all are equals, the only difference is the performance between us, and the most important thing is trust and respect!

I am a creator and a musician, and here I don’t find people that laugh about my creations, but the most important fact for me is that I found virtue inside of people, honor, courage, dignity, sacrifice for the common good. Now i have a goal, and my goal is to help others, how? through practice and dedication, to become your shotcaller tank, to be your sholder and your wall against evil.

Why celtic? it’s easy, Albion means England, it’s s an old name used on the empirical times of King Arthur and wizard Merlyn, a time of magic, of honor and duty, a time where knights and princesses were real, a time when truth and honour are the most important virtues, celtic music symbolizes music from taverns, where joy is the top common word. Thank you very much and it’s a great honor being here.

Signed Ólverius “Óli” Ironfist

Here is our discord link if you are interested in getting involved with AN24 in any way and maybe have your content featured on our channels or site, or just hanging out and catching up on the Stories that make this sandbox what it is!

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