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Real talk is back!! We have had to take some time off due to the Pandemic. Our first show back should be an amazing show make sure you tune in!!! is our Twitch stream tune in if you can at 19:00 server on Sunday. We may also have some surprise guests drop in as the show progresses.

15min: Show host introductions and discussion on the in-game changes, patches, SBI news.

60Min: Interview with the GM of Awful Company and ARCH about their history and how they got to where they are today. As well as what is next for AC and ARCH in season 9 and beyond. Additionally, we will have an AMA portion of the show where Gluttony has agreed to answer some audience questions. Additionally special guest Mamono the GM of Elevate will also be stopping by to share his thoughts on the current state and future of Ablion.

Then after that the official Show which will be over keeping as close to a 60min format as we are able to, will stay live and enter the after party/after show where we will bring on people from the AN24 discord to respond to the show and just generally discuss politics and various events from the previous week that maybe we did not have time to discuss and we may have some special guests drop in!

We hope that you guys enjoy this and will be taking suggestions from the community on things you would like us to cover especially on the Politics, Spy, and Diplomacy aspects of this game that that make a sandbox such as Albion so amazing.

Here is our discord link if you are interested in getting involved with AN24 in any way or just hanging out and catching up on the Stories that make this sandbox what it is!

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