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Brave Academy Presents Shotcalling with Robinhoodrs

POSTED BY Voltel December 16, 2020

Sorry we have not gotten more content out recently we have alot that we will be posting soon as the content creation has not stopped. Sadly due to COVID Real Life has delayed content getting out. This should be resolved going into 2021. To kick things off here is a video with Robinhoodrs and Voltel recorded a little while ago. It goes through basic shotcalling and zvz principles into very advanced shotcalling and ZVZ principles. Hope you guys enjoy it and it helps inspire a new generation of Shotcallers to go out and create more content!

we hope to continue these classes for the forseeable future on all types of topics. If you are interested in teaching please contact us on Brave Newbie or AN24 discord!

AN24 Discord link

Brave Newbie’s discord link

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